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OUR MISSION is an online guide to stylish living in Hong Kong. Through insightful blogs and articles, artistic imagery, as well as interactive sound and video, we hope to present a total online 'experience' of Hong Kong. Our goal is to entertain, engage and inform our readers with interesting, relevant content and provide readers with an exciting, yet intuitive design.


Hiphongkong’s vision is to inspire creativity and innovation amongst our readers while providing them with the most forthcoming information on trends, social activities and upcoming happenings. Besides giving people new ideas on what to do with their time in Hong Kong, this site also strives to do something for the community. Our company hopes to be proactively involved in different charities as well as in the art scene. Through this website, we hope to help Hong Kong become a more a socially responsible, artistic and progressive place to live.



If you are a writer, photographer, model, graphic designer or artist, hiphongkong needs your creative input! Please send an e-mail to and tell us a little bit about yourself and your work. Writers may submit a short piece and photographers and models may send sample photos or a link to your website.

In addition, we are looking for ambitious salespeople to help us market this website. Please send a CV to the above e-mail address and we will contact you as soon as possible. Until then, keep your creative spirit!