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Bring on the Backcomb, 80's Sex is coming to The City...

You can't run, you can't hide, the eighties is back, and its even more bold this time around.  You can thank (or punch) Marc Jacobs for this, and his autumn 09 shows.  Big hair, loud makeup, and bows bows bows!   A sneak peak of the filming is Sex and the City 2 shows a very Madonnaesque Carrie with, surprise surprise bows, lace, and flashback makeup.  And if the fashion power of Carrie is anything to go by, then you will need to know how to steal the

Betty, Don't Beat around the Bush!

Put the umbrellas away, the rainy season is over!  The hot warnings are being issued and its time to hit the beach.  Ladies get ready to unveil your hirsute better selves, no excuses now, put those pesky razors away, and get waxed!

Enhance Your Breasts Naturally- Sample the product FREE!

You might have already heard about the Perfect C Breast Enhancer (originally from UK), one of the hottest new products this summer. Endorsed by UK celebrities, Perfect C capsules can make your breasts firmer and bigger safely, quickly and with no negative side effects. Available in HK since May this year, Perfect C has already had many testimonials in HK and was already featured in South China Morning Post in July.

Top Ten Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Why is it that the celebs that adorn the covers of the glossy mags always looks so flawless?  Of course there is the photo touch ups, the two hour daily personal training sessions, the weekly diamond facials, not to mention the makeup artist and stylist at hand.  But fret not, we have ten super secrets to the stars to help you get their gorgeous looks and n

Wowee! What a week! Prepare yourself for total luxury...

My poor little liver is going to take quite a hammering this week, I can't possibly say no to chilled glasses of Perrier Jouet, and Godiva choccies on the passing trays, it would be quite rude! Oh yes, it is time again for MasterCard Luxury Week Hong Kong, our very own homage to fashion and all things beautiful.


Has the recession got you (and your beauty supplies) down? Is motherhood making you lose touch with the hot mama you have inside? Did your last relationship totally trample your self-esteem? Have your friends stopped complimenting your looks, and started referring to your “great personality”?

Fake and Bake- Spray Tanning and Electric Beach

Indulgence Spa on Lyndhurst Terrace has just launched a spray tanning service using Vani-T products from Australia. Vani-T is a 99% natural based formula packed with multi-vitamins and anti-oxidants to keep your skin looking radiant during the summer months. Apparently this is the brand that the A-list celebs use down under.

33 Lyndhurst Terrace


Hair Testing at the Mandarin Oriental

As part of its commitment to total well-being, the Mandarin Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong has launched a new hair test that can identify toxic metals and mineral imbalances in the body.

Are You Tough Enough for Bikini Boot Camp?

To be honest you don’t have to be tough at all to be a Bootcamp recruit. This exercise regime, which is marching across Hong Kong, is both for beginners and the SAS fit.

Dare to Bare-Brazilian Bikini Waxing in Hong Kong

Whether it be spending hours laboring at the gym, enduring agonizing nights in stilettos, or getting a boob job, women have always found new ways to suffer in the name of beauty. Ever since the gals from Sex and the City decreed that pubes were passé, a new form of beauty torture was popularized- The Brazilian Bikini wax. Now women everywhere have to suffer the pain and humiliation of froggy-styling it for some anonymous aesthetician in rubber gloves.