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Gimme Gimme Less...

Common keywords in text inbox several hours before an event/party: what, will, you, wear?

Often, the big worry is that one would either be overdressed and underdressed. Perfectly reasonable. Of course, we would all like to put on that sassy air and said 'I love to be sleek when everyone's slack and slack when everyone's sleek', or say, put on a red dress at a Black and White party. But truth is, most of the time, rather than making a headline-worthy style statement, we just want to be – well, tasteful.

We've Got Our Dress And Horses...

- Gloria Yu

I Personally Believe, That...

1. Alcohol kills flu bacteria

2. Dancing = exercise = + health = - sickness

3. I do not get sick. I do not get sick. I do not get sick... Oh that? It's just you know, allergy...

But sadly, time after time ever since the day I first took my baby step on to LKF, it has been proven that there are slight inaccuracies in the above numbers. However, once I recover, they stand tall and true again... like, well, giraffes.

Shades Off!

Hi all, just to let you on a little secret... The Fashion Files is saying hello to the world again after a few months of quietly watching the changes in season behind some sassy shades. I know it's summer but shades no more! Time to look at the world (especially those stealable bags, show-stopping dresses and beautiful beautiful shoes) straight in the eye and snap up some pictures!

So these days, you'll be seeing me, Gloria Yu, a writer and a soon-to-be undergraduate at Parsons in New York hopping around town from street to shop to party holding a camera and snapping away...

Fashionably Pregnant

By Karen Page

For most women, after the initial excitement passes upon hearing that they are pregnant, panic sets in as they realize that they are going to have to say goodbye to their hot body for the next 9 months and beyond. And the further realization that all that is now available to them are ultra conservative, frumpy maternity fashion that makes you look like a sack of potatoes, doesn’t help things either! But don’t despair…this is no longer the case. You’ll soon learn that a pregnant woman can still be sexy and a bump is no reason to sacrifice your style.

Look of the Day -- Aug 27

Wearing black ruffle top from Zara / White crucifix from Argyle Center @ Mong Kok / Blue stretchy skirt from H&M / Chunky platform wedges from Zara

Look of the Day -- Aug 20

Wearing blue & lace dress from Argyle Center @ Mong Kok / Brown leather belt from Shenzhen / Gold bangles from H&M / Woven sandals from Ome @ Granville Rd

Look of the Day -- Aug 17

In theory this outfit is pretty cute. In reality it was 100% humidity, about 95*F, and I was dying. Why I thought jeans would be a good idea is beyond me! In that little denim bag I was also carrying... get ready for it... A JACKET! Yes, I am a genius! You may now call me Lady Brainiac.

Look of the Day -- Aug 13

I wore this out the other day to go shopping in TST. If you live in Hong Kong you'd know this wasn't taken today due to the extreme lack of sun :P It's been a few days straight of crappy weather. Apparently there is a typhoon coming, I think I hear that every week. Last Typhoon 8 was a real disappointment, so I'm not keeping my hopes up!