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Pearls Just Wanna Have fun -- Shenzhen

I made a trip up to my mom's place yesterday to paw through some of my jewelry that lives up there. Most everything that's up there is either very expensive, or things I no longer wear. So I spent the day up there sorting jewelry that could be used for other purposes when I suddenly stumbled upon two pearl necklaces I purchased a couple years ago. When I first moved to Asia the prospect of fake Louis Vuitton bags and pearls were more than I could fathom.

Keepin' it Trendy -- Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony

 We may live in Asia, but that is absolutely no excuse for not following world trends. And this, my friends, is a world trend. These boots have been circulating around the blogs for a few months now, Opening Ceremony had them up for pre-order and were immediately abuzz in the blogging world. Now they're available online through a number of stores (check them out below) - and they are SOLD OUT in EVERY SIZE.

Shenzhen -- 5th Floor of Wonders

I was trying to think of how to tackle the shopping experience of Shenzhen. In order to really explain the shopping wonders of Shenzhen you would have to have multiple pages, there's no way to describe the labyrinth of hallways and stores that are not in numerical order. This is not to mention being attacked from all sides by vendors shouting, "Missy! Misssssyyyy!! DVD movie? Copy-watch?

Storing Jewelry -- aka Hiding it from "Your Man"

I've said it before that I have so much junk jewelry in my flat that if I continue at this rate I might not have a place to live. A friend of mine recently expressed her need to "downsize", at which of course I was horrified and have since been insisting to her that downsizing is not the answer! But no, she wants to move in with her boyfriend and how could she possibly explain all of this stuff?!

First & Third -- Head West

I am an East Island girl through and through, but since befriending a chick who lives in the parts of Sheung Wan not affected by gentrification, I've begun to appreciate the area. If I'm not in central I usually don't head much further West because... well, what's out there? Sai Ying Pun, Kennedy Town, Pokfulam, and then what? No idea. Even when I go to the beach I choose Shek O since it's just a quick bus ride away. The idea of trekking out to Stanley sounds like a huge pain.

Mossy -- Home of the "Hump me Pump"

As I was writing my blog about TST/Granville Road I really thought that it's unfair to give Mossy it's own post. Sadly I always forget to write down the address or even ask for a card. I'm simply too excited that I have purchased a new pair of shoes, so I run out of there like a bat out of hell.

What You Find After 2 Days in TST

Part of me loathes TST. I've had many seedy nights, wandering the streets barefoot and glassy eyed, chased by Indians selling me suits, yelled at my Nigerians around Chung King - but that's just the deal with me. I am a beacon of freakishness. I once got threatened in the TST MTR station, a drunk guy (this is at 11am mind you) came up to me and started telling me he was going to kill me, then I would be on TV.

Jimmy Choo for H&M

Is it really cliche for me to love Jimmy Choo?

Never! Jimmy Choo is never cliche, always amazing, always perfect, always so sexy. And to imagine, on November 14th H&M will release a line of shoes as a celebrity collaboration with one of my favorite brand-name shoe designers.