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ALDO -- Hey there, Stud

I can't imagine I'm alone in thinking that we all go through short phases of obsession. Sometimes the obsession is a certain food, a celebrity, a TV show, or in my case a fashion "phenomenon". As of late it has been studs. I know this isn't something new, and I could really just got to a punk/gothic/lolita type store and find studs & spikes galore - but I already wore studs and spikes about 8 years ago.

Pottinger Street Jewelry -- Saturn Essentials

I once had an ex-boyfriend say to me, "Why do you buy so much crap jewelry? If you just saved all the money you spend on this shit you could afford something nice."

North Point -- The Far East?

On Hong Kong island I notice that Westerners typically live on the more Western parts of the island... Central, Sai Ying Pun, Kennedy Town. I hear a few around that make it out to Wan Chai, even less in Causeway Bay. I live in North Point, and previously I had been living in Chai Wan, which is about as far east on HK island you can get before you go south. I have a love-hate relationship with the east side.

For the love of MNG!

By Liz Kennedy

I remember the days when I was new here. I lived in Discovery Bay, Central was frightening, I almost had a panic attack in Tsing Yi, and Mango was still just called Mango. Now Mango is the store formerly known as Mango and often called MNG. WTF? IDK.

Shopping in Sham Shui Po -- Really the Dark Side?

By Liz Kennedy

I am a personal fan of the “Dark Side” as many expat Hong Kongers term the Kowloon side. There’s so many new things to explore, less Western people, new smells (stinky tofu?), crowded spaces, and of course wholesale fashion shopping! Whatever, these people who choose to never leave HK Island are crazy. And I’m not exaggerating, it’s not like every once in a blue moon someone calls Kowloon the “Dark Side” and says they will never go over there. I’m talking to you Discovery Bay citizens, and you uppity Centralites – yeah I live in North Point, I get down with the Dark Side.

The Bra Quest [Part 1 of 2]

I listen to Howard Stern radio show every day. I love his attitude, I agree with most of the show, and I really feel that I learn things when I listen. I’m not necessarily learning facts, but as an American living overseas I get 4 hours of listening to a show about pop culture in America. Yeah sure a ton of it is about pornography and strippers riding on a giant mechanical dildo, but I learn valuable facts!

Can't Find it in HK? There's Always the Internet!

By Liz Kennedy

Oh the wonders of Google. I love how my Text Editor doesn’t even mark “Google” as misspelled. It’s such a household name now. I even have a friend who works at Google, they call themselves Googlers, and the stories I hear about working there just blow my mind. Working at Google I imagine must be like working… In Heaven. Ok, well not everyone is le Über nerd but for me I would love to just Google all day for the rest of my life. Sell my soul to Google, learn the answers to life, find the cure for cancer, feed the hungry, all that good stuff.

Hidden Treasures in Central

By Liz Kennedy

The first order of business was leaving the house & meeting up with shopping buddy aka V. We started off at Starbucks, I am a particular fan of a plain iced coffee with soymilk. Very good warm up session. You know it’s important that you prepare yourself for the excursion into the real world & get any really important discussions out of the way. Shopping should be about the zen experience and talking limited to “What is that?” “OOOOHHH!!!” “AHHH!!!!” and “Do you like it?” Any conversations that are started have an 80% failure rate. It’s nearly impossible to begin a conversation and not trail off, forgetting the topic completely. So it’s best just not to start one.

The Perfect Swimsuit

by Liz Kennedy

When I was a kid in elementary school I used to imagine that God Almighty was up in the clouds and was purposely torturing me via the weather. Monday through Friday it would be beautiful outside. Saturday and Sunday would usually be some shit storm of rain – ruining my weekend. Now that I don’t work (regularly) I can go enjoy the sun whenever I want, or so one would think! Noo, not in Hong Kong.

Vintage Love Affair

In London, Paris and in NYC vintage gear is almost always in fashion. People mix vintage pieces with modern trends thereby inventing new styles all the time. After all, what is fashion but a cyclical rehashing of something that's already been done before?