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Have you heard of emotional trauma being the root cause of physical ailments? Well, Alice Yuen, Physiotherapy Practitioner at ALIVE Healthcare  Centre, has based her medical practice on this belief.

Seeking an explanation for my chronic headaches and perpetual colds, I entered ALIVE ready to learn.


Accustomed to frilly spas, I was a bit taken aback by the Spartan white walls and general no nonsense décor of this physiotherapy institution.

In some detail, I was greeted by a small reception area, complete with a neutral-toned sofa, and two clinal rooms - each containing a basic bed.


Ready to undergo a life transformation, I was asked to lay flat on my back on one of the beds. Alice felt the energy points in my ankles, explaining that because all of our energy meridians our inter-connected, she would be able to read where the energy imbalance was in my body, just from those two key points.

And sure enough, my practitioner said, you have a headache, your neck is stiff, and oxygen is being blocked with static energy in your diaphragm.

Unfortunately, all of the named symptoms were true, especially the bit about me struggling to breath properly.

Addressing the identified problem areas, Alice gently placed her hands over my head, neck, and diaphragm.  From this action, I felt a warm soothing heat permeate throughout my entire body.

Thinking I should question what was going on, I was rendered unable to, as I could feel my whole being falling into a deep slumber.  Sounds frightening, but in fact, an overwhelming sense of relaxation over took me.  I could feel my piercing migraine dissipate, my neck muscles loosened, and my breathing passages slowly opened up – allowing me to take long full breaths.

This heightened sense of tranquility, like a lily floating on water, lasted for the rest of the day.

After an hour of treatment ($1100 HKD), I awoke, and my practitioner revealed the foundation of my problem.  As I was expecting, she explained that the cause of my physical symptoms were in fact emotional distress. But the part I wasn’t expecting, was her distinction – that the stress was not coming from me, but rather, mostly from others.

What? I was baffled. Grateful for an explanation, my practitioner went on to say that my body is unusually sensitive to outside energy frequencies.  In essence, she believes my body acts as a medium, absorbing external energy pulses like a sponge. 

So, for example, if I came across an inherently joyful person, I would immediately absorb that energy into my internal organs, aiding a proper flow of oxygen distribution and spinal fluid necessary for a healthy body.

This explanation made me realize that my shortness of breath was not entirely due to Hong Kong’s air pollution, but rather, negative energy frequencies in the vicinity.

The Practice

So what exactly was the treatment I had experienced? It’s called ‘Craniosacral Therapy’ – dating all the way back to the 1900’s; discovered by Dr. William Sutherland. 

This healing practice was named after it’s physical position in our body: going from the cranium – skull, head, face – to the sacrum, or tail bone.

By feeling a patient’s craniosacral rhythm, which Alice detected from the pressure points in my ankles, a practitioner can identify the areas of restrictions, or energy blockages.

From there, the practitioner will apply a light pressure to release nerve pain – by stimulating cerebral spinal fluid to carry vital nutrients to the central nervous system.


In conclusion, would I recommend craniosacral therapy to alleviate stress and fatigue? Certainly.

Other Practitioners

But you may also be curious to try other alternative healing practices available at ALIVE, such as:

1) Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture,

2) Body Talk – a dialogue used to question muscular reactions; in hopes of clearing the

     emotional trauma that caused the muscle dysfunction;

3) Posture & Core Stability Coaching, and

4) Healing with the use of crystals and symbols.

Contact Info

ALIVE  Healthcare & Physiotherapy Centre

Room 2002, Car Po Commercial Building,

18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong


Phone: 2541 8600



By Cindy Wu