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So we've finally tried the cronut at The Mandarin Cake Shop, probably one of the first bakeries that introduced the NYC sensation to Hong Kong few weeks back. While we think the name "cronut" has almost become a common name (knowing that Swissbeck, Four Seasons and Petite Amanda stick to its "original" title), the hotel prefers to call it Croissant-Donut. We suppose it's due to trademark concerns.

There are two flavors to choose from, plain or chocolate. We tried the chocolate one first and we felt in love at first bite. We liked the buttery taste mixed with rich chocolate filling. The texture was just interesting - it was like a croissant, just thicker and more chewy, and the chocolate paste added another layer to it.

The plain one, however, was less exciting. To be fair, we should have tried the chocolate one first. Anyways, we put some rose petal jam (another signature item of the hotel) on the top of it and BOOM, it was awesome! The aromatic, citric sweetness of the jam really jazzed up the half croissant, half donut. We are not sure if Chef Yves from Mandarin Oriental would be happy to see how we twisted his "invention" but at least we think the jam - is indeed some pretty good "icing on the cake".

The Croissant-Donuts seemed to be smaller than we thought (since we've had bigger donuts). That said, it's probably better for our figures as we have no idea how much calories each of these has. But once in a while, a little sweet indulgence is perhaps just what you need.

The Mandarin Cake Shop

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, 5 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong

+852 2825 4008