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Where are some of the best places in Hong Kong for a summer chocolate fix? Whether you are looking for the best choco bricks or choco pralines, choco fudge cake or choco cupcakes, choco drinks or choco alcohol... we have got you choco maniacs covered!

Agnes B
A name automatically associated with a line of simple, innocent... French ready-to-wear, the chocolates that bear its engravings are equally simple as a solution to one’s chocolate cravings. The pralines and truffles are no fuss - made from the best ingredients and born to make people happy. You can also fill a box with various nuggets of flavored chocolates ranging from milk to dark chocolate. Address here

Awfully Chocolate
The name alone could probably summon a small, helpless groan from the stomach. The range of items on offer is not that varied - but is enough to cure any chocoholic’s cravings. They play on three variations of the chocolate fudge cake - the 'all chocolate', the 'chocolate banana', and the 'chocolate rum and cherry'. Addresses here

black n white
Managed by Celebrity Chef Koo who was formerly at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, black n white is one of the best places in town to source artistic and decadent chocolate-infused pastries - whether for parties or one's own indulgence. More than just a patisserie, black white is also a 'chocolate school' that hosts regular chocolate making classes for companies and choco-loving inidividuals. Address here.

Club 7-11
For the ultimate chocolate desperado – Club 7-11 is always THE place to go to. Endorphin fixes are brought to you from all around the world at unbeatable prices. The favorites? Ferroro Rocher from Italy, Maltesers from the UK and M&Ms from the US. Your pick! Address here

Coco @ Mira
Coco is a sleek and modern venue that claims to be the home to some of the town’s best chocolate bricks and cupcakes. Situated in the midst of the busy lobby, Coco offers respite for the tired traveler. Address here

Feather Boa
Simply and utterly the most divine chocolate martinis or the chocolate strawberry daquiris in Hong Kong! If you're a little tipsy you might end up with chocolate on your shirt since the glass is frosted with chocolate but it's so decadently worth it! Address here

Godiva is probably Hong Kong’s most famous chocolatier. The pralines are always a safe place to start. Then there’s the giant chocolate strawberry – a scrumptious luxury that will compel you to close your eyes and taste every single nuance of cocoa-covered fruit gliding through your palate. That’s not all - Godiva currently offers the absolutely irresistable 'soft-serve ice-cream'. This is a place that has everything a chocolate addict could ever want. Address here

La Maison Du Chocolat
Maison Du Chocolat first rose to fame for their delicate but delicious ganaches. The milk chocolate Sylvia with a subtle hint of caramel is to die for. Also worth a try is their Garrigue collection, inspired by the tastes of Provence. Address here

Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop
Nothing beats sashaying down a flight of stairs, into this luxury hotel cake shop. Immediately you’re greeted with the aroma of exquisitely baked goods. There are beautiful assortments of cakes to choose from and don’t forget their rich hot chocolate, unique roasted coffee or the shop’s famous rose petal jam. Address here

Pierre Herme Paris
This much-loved patisserie features a selection of decadent bonbons which come in beautiful packaging, as well as the heart-melting 'infiniment chocolat porcelana macaron' - a delicate yet delicious bite made with pure origin Venezuala Porcelana dark chocolate. Address here

From school kids to adults, Starbucks wins the heart of many with their decadent chocolate fudge cake and signature iced chocolate topped with whipped cream. With a 30 per cent discount at the Hong Kong University campus, it is definitely one of most 'cheap and cheerful' places for a chocolate fix!

Vero Chocolates
This is ‘the’ place for individuals with issues involving chocolate - be it compulsion, addiction or obsession. The people behind it all mean business - they get right to the point - the signature cake is called... Signature, so is the chocolate drink, made of 70% chocolate. Divine! Addresses here

Xocai Healthy Chocolate
If you're tired of being sinful and decadent when it comes to delectable treats, you can actually eat chocolate and increase your health and circulation at the same time! In fact, this special appetite supressant chocolate is made with cold pressed cocoa and is gluten-free, vegan friendly and even diabetic friendly! Find out where to get it in the blog here