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Our body is usually about 50-60% water, but the percentage drops during the winter months. How do we keep our face hydrated?

I've recently visited Sense of Touch Medi Spa, a new medical boutique spa on Wyndham Street. It offers a treatment called HydraFacial, a non-invasive treatment that promises to resurface, rejuvenate and pump your skin up with H2O.

This facial boasts four skin solutions: Activ-4 for deep cleansing and softening sebum and impurities; Beta-HD for dislodging impurities on oily or congested skin; Antiox-6 for combating free radicals and environmental damage to the skin; and GlySal, formulated with Salicylic Acid to provide a speedy, comfortable, scaling-proof peel.

All set for Mission H2O, I marched into the treatment room ready for a skin make-over!

The treatment began with the usual cleansing ritual, but carried out with the aid of a special “tip” that's connected to a machine. My therapist did the ritual twice to take away the day's grime.

Then followed extraction. My therapist used a special “HydroPeel tip” which acted like a mini vacuum cleaner to suck out all the impurities from the pores – thank God, it was absolutely painless! The funny fact is that the tip also simultaneously nourished the skin with hydrating and moisturizing skin solutions, leaving it refreshed and plump.

The grand finale to the simple three-step facial was a collagen mask which served to lock all the H2O and nourishment inside the skin – my skin was made over in less than 60 minutes!

As I sat up and looked into the mirror, I was greeted by a refreshed, hydrated and brightened face. Gone was the tired skin! The result persisted in the next few days.

HydraFacial at Sense of Touch Medi Spa is HKD 1,200 per session. While it may sound a bit pricey for some, it is definitely worth it for those who need a good and thorough H2O boost for the skin this winter.

For an enhanced treatment of wrinkles and fine lines, add $300 to incoporate the award-winning TNS essential serum into the HydraFacial treatment.


By Carmen Bat