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The days of summer are here, and the heat is absolutely sweltering. Instead of hanging out at your friend's pad and cranking the A/C on full blast, why not catch some of that natural sea breeze and party in a slightly different way during these heat-filled months? If you're up for a uniquely Hong Kong style of getting down, a junk or yacht party may be just what you need! Just imagine renting your own private junk boat with some of your best friends and sailing around the beautiful harbors near Causeway Bay and Sai Kung without a care in the world. Sounds appealing, doesn't it? But with so many services in HK offering up junk and yacht packages, which one should you choose? That's why we're here to help...

Aqua Luna

You may have seen one of Aqua Luna's red junk boats floating in the harbors of Hong Kong, and for good reason - their junks are iconic, with a traditional finish reminiscent of the old ships that used to go through HK in the colonial days. On a more modern note, Aqua Luna's a super choice for junk rental. Renting out a whole junk will cost roughly $6,000 per hour, but if you'd rather save some cash, taking the junk boat for a day trip harbor ride is also an option. 45 minute harbor cruises around the Central and Tsim Sha Tsui docks are available for $195, and you can charter a junk to give yourself a private view of HK island's Symphony of Lights for $260. Longer day cruises around Stanley are also available for about $320 round trip, $210 one way. See more information here.

Jaspa's Junks

If you've got a group of friends eager to hit the water together, then Jaspa's Junks should be your choice for big party fun. With huge open cabins and plenty of space on both top and bottom decks, Jaspa's Junks can carry up to 38 passengers, all of whom are sure to be delighted by the outstanding sound system available on each boat. Every junk also comes with an equipped kitchen and eager staff ready to serve you and your friends a fully catered meal as you travel from the piers of Central and Sai Kung to the southern outlying islands. Renting a boat requires a minimum of 14 persons and will cost $600 per person. See more information here.

Saffron Cruises

Saffron Cruises has a massive selection of boats available, ranging from traditional Chinese junks to sleeker modern yachts with an Italian finish. Featuring pickup from any pier in Hong Kong, the basic rate for one of Saffron Cruises' cheaper boats is $3,500 total, while their luxury cruisers will run you $15,000. Saffron Cruises also features a variety of packages, including beach party, fishing and harbour cruise options, so if you like variety, there's plenty to choose from. Seafood lovers may also want to book with Saffron for their special deals with two of the best seafood joints in HK - the Lamma Hilton on Lamma Island and Ming Kee Seafood Restaurant on Po Toi Island. Both restaurants have teamed up with Saffron to bring treats like baked butter lobster and steamed snapper to boat riders. See more information here.

Hong Kong Yachting

Originally from Australia, Hong Kong Yachting has made a name for themselves in the Pearl of the Orient for offering some excellent Grand Prix Racing yachts available for eager customers. Those that are interested may want to sign up for one of their "Learn to Sail" courses, and one of their popular options is the "Adventure Package," which costs $800 per person. In this unique opportunity, yacht riders can actually help crew members control the helm of the ship (though sitting back and partaking in the free flowing wine and beer is also a valid option, of course). See more information here

Lazy Days

For those that are into sleek, sexy junk boats that can run through HK's waters with ease, pick Lazy Days. With routes running from Cheung Chau to the Sai Kung beaches, Lazy Days currently offers two package options - the "Fun Package," which requires a minimum of 15 people, includes meals and snacks and costs $850 per person, and the "Champagne Package," which includes free flowing champagne and costs $1,000 per person. Finally, there's a "Spa on the Sea" option, priced at $1,200 per person. Fancy a one hour massage treatment while sailing on one of the largest yachts in HK? This might be it! See more information here

Whether you choose a luxury cruiser or an old school wooden yacht, you're bound to have a good time with any of these choices. Hong Kong, after all, is a port city - why not take advantage of our lovely waters with a trip on a boat? Book your junk or yacht today, and get ready to make the most out of your Hong Kong summer. 

By Jeremy Blum