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Whether you’ve been hiking through the hills, visiting the Buddha, or relaxing on Cheung Sha beach don’t forget to save some time for Mui Wo before heading back on the ferry. Although often overlooked, Mui Wo plays host to waterfalls, rock pools, a gorgeous beach, old villages, and charming restaurants. Whether it’s for a tasty breakfast or an afternoon bike ride it’s really worth a look.

Breakfast @ Caffe Paradiso

For a kick start to the day order the English sausage and onion roll, pair it with your choice of juices, coffees, frappe’s, or teas and sit back with a newspaper or pick a book off the shelf. A popular venue for dog owners, this little enclave is a quiet respite from the weekend foot traffic and offers a breakfast that will give you the energy for a day of fun on Lantau.

Dim Sum @ Silvermine Bay Restaurant

A short walk down the promenade and past the Post Office will lead you to the Silvermine Bay Restaurant. Stools are set around circular tables in a courtyard just off the river. Although the setting is simple the dim sum hits the spot every time and is a popular morning stop-off for locals and expats alike.

Lunch @ La Pizzeria

Most people come here for the pizza (for a true treat order the Mexicana) but there’s also a range of mouthwatering appetizers and pastas that could rival their contemporaries on Hong Kong side. Once you close the door the noise of daily Mui Wo life is replaced with gentle music and dimmed lighting providing a relaxed atmosphere in which to dine. It’s ideally located opposite the ferry pier and offers a moderately priced menu.

Dinner @ China Beach Club
Tucked away at the end of Silvermine Beach and up a flight of stairs is arguably some of the best surf and turf Hong Kong has to offer. Choose between succulent red meats, flavorsome chicken, and juicy prawn dishes to round off an action packed day on the island. Make sure you ask for the garlic mash potato accompaniment as this is the best in Hong Kong. No argument.

Waiting for the ferry

Found yourself with a little time to waste before the ferry? Here are a few options for whiling away the time before your trip back to Central.
- Grab a drink and a board game from The China Bear
If you find yourself at the pier with thirty minutes to spare get yourself over to The China Bear pub for an alcoholic milkshake and a board game. To the back of the bar you’ll find a selection of games with everything from Jenga to Battleship to choose from. As for the milkshake? Our favorite is Butterscotch & Baileys.
- Time for a snack
If you’re hungering for a quick bite make your way across the bus station to Bahce Restaurant and order the hummus and babaganoush. Accompanied by either Turkish or pita bread these dips are not only instantly served (a must for those that are keeping an eye on the time) but are also utterly more-ish.
Mini Adventures
- Rent a Bicycle
- Next to the Mui Wo bus station is a store overflowing with rental bikes, the Friendly Bicycle Shop. Pick out your favourite and cycle across to Mui Wo Market and down Old Rural Committee Road for a glimpse of local Mui Wo life, a mix of old fashioned ramshackle houses and new developments erected in the middle of fields.
- Mui Wo Waterfalls
- Head out towards Mui Wo Market and follow the signs to the Mui Wo waterfalls, a quiet spot for some relaxation before heading back to the bustling city. Wade through cool rock pools or under the rushing water of the falls in this quiet but convenient location. If you decide to dip your toes in the water don’t be alarmed if you feel a nibble, locals say that the tiny fish in the pools like nothing better than to snack on hard skin on tired feet. A spa treatment that people pay thousands to receive in Japan!
- Beach Games
- Finding yourself not quite ready to leave the (relatively) clean air of Lantau? Then take in a game of volleyball on the beach! Wonder past the Silvermine Beach Hotel and you’ll find a beach volleyball court laid out with two stores close by that sell kites, fishing lines, and volleyballs. Everything you need for some action on the beach.

By Sarah Simpson