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Who doesn't want to look like a star? Celebrating its 5th anniversary, Bliss Spa at W Hong Kong presents Showbliss – 5 spa-vellous offers that claim to give you a celebrity glow on the face, body and nails. 

Hiphongkong was proud to be the first to test this tempting spa package. As the bikini season is finally upon us, I chose among the five offers 'starslim' – a circulation stimulating, body toning treatment that boasts Bliss Spa's signature Fatgirlsim products.

The treatment was essentially a 75-minute 'passive workout'. It began with dry brushing to exfoliate the skin and bring up the body's metabolism; followed by a soothing grape seed oil massage which drained the lymph nodes. Then came a 15-minute 'workout' where my mid section sweated intensely under the rubberizing mask and layers of towel wrap - a good sign! After a round of mind-relaxing massage on my head and shoulders, the treatment was brought to an end by a rubdown of a tailored Fatgirlslim formula on my entire body.

As for the result? Bowel obstruction problem dissipated on the first night. Then the next morning, my thighs looked slimmer. On the third day, I was pleased to find my belly had gone from bloated to almost flat! Wearing bikini this summer will be no problem at all.

Getting a starslim body costs you $1380+10% - including a free 'star robe' with your initials on which makes you feel like a real star.

For the optimal result, guests are advised to be treated six times, or to use Fatgirlslim homecare products for maintenance.

By Carmen Bat