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Angsana Spa at Hotel ICON is a cozy and relaxed respite. Located in Tsim Sha Tsui East, it is a convenient pampering destination for jet-setters and shopping addicts!

Angsana Spa offers facials, nail painting, hand/foot paraffin and a range of soothing body treatments - some of which include massages for men. All treatments are carried out by qualified, experienced therapists who have been in the industry for at least 5 years. In addition, each treatment room comes with its very own shower and washroom.

When I visited the Angsana Spa I tried the 150 minute 'worry-free peace treatment' dubbed the 'ultimate treat' for women. This treatment included a 60 minute body massage, a 60 minute facial, followed by a 30 minute relaxation time. With summer soon approaching I decided opt for the 30 minute 'jasmine and frangipani body scrub' to give my skin a fresh and sweet scent.

Warm smiles greeted me as I arrived at the spa and as I sipped their chilled roselle tea within reception area I was asked to pick my favorite diffuser - pine, orange or eucalyptus. Each of them had a unique and brilliant smell however I selected pine for its mind empowering properties.

I was soon introduced to my therapist, Krishna, who then briefed me on my treatment. Minutes later, my tense body was welcomed by the soothing warmth of the heated treatment bed and I began to relax.

My therapist first began with a luxuriously scented jasmine and fragipani body scrub. The fine and smooth exfoliation immediately conditioned and freshened my skin as it was rubbed in slow circular motions. As my therapist moved her hands to my tummy, I was expecting an urge to giggle but I didn't, because her hand movements were so firm and smooth. The scrub was over in 30 minutes and after a shower, I was pleased to find my skin soft and scented!

Without further ado, I lay on the treatment bed again where I was invited to enjoy a Swedish / Thai massage. I opted for strength of medium to strong and chose the focus area to be my back. The therapists began by rubbing my feet with a roll pin - then, massage techniques began. After a few rounds, the therapist gave me two full arch backbends which aligned my spine in an instant. My therapist then proceeded to work on my tired legs, feet, arms, hands, shoulders and neck. Her strong yet relaxing strokes lulled me into a deep sound sleep until the sound of the streaming machine warming up brought me back to consciousness.

My nourishing facial for sensitive skin began with double cleansing, followed by exfoliation using a koalin peeling cream featuring seaweed. After a relaxing facial steam, my therapist then applied a rich, fragrant serum mixed with essential oil and soothing trace elements to my skin and gave it a soothing massage for better absorption. After 10 minutes or so, I enjoyed a nutritious face and neck mask mixed with a soothing phytorosa serum. My therapist also gave me a massage on my head, arms and legs. The facial was finished with a soothing eye cream and nourishing moisturizer.

Gong, gong! I was soon woken by two long sounds of a bell and two refreshing water sprays on my legs. After leaving the treatment room, I enjoyed a few slices of watermelon and a chilled roselle tea.

At 1200HKD +10%, the 150 minute 'peace treatment' at Angsana Spa, Hong Kong is a fairly good deal. An additional 30 minute scrub also comes available at a pretty reasonable price – ($450HKD). After the treatment, don't forget to head down to cafe 'green on the lobby' floor for some delicious cupcake treats as a finale to your spa day.

By Carmen Bat