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Your phone just stopped working. Your battery is dead and you don’t have an extra one or a charger with you. What can you do? Don’t panic, here are some places that provide battery re-charging services.

The rate for charging your phone here is $10 per 15 mins. Just leave your battery and come back after a coffee. You have to provide a USB cord if you are using an iPhone or a Blackberry. If you don't have a USB cord, you may buy it at $148 at Nobletime TV & Telecom inside the airport. Address here

Free battery re-charging service is provided and it is only for removable phone batteries. Just leave the battery at the customer service counter located on the 1/F or the 2/F. iPhones and Blackberries cannot be recharged here. Address here

IFC MALL @ Hong Kong Station, Central
Just go to the concierge on 1/F next to McDonald's or near L'OCCITANE, leave your removable batteries there and come back after 30 minutes. The re-charging service is free. If you are using an iPhone or a Blackberry, you cannot charge your phone at the concierge, but you may check out a portable charger with $300 deposit. Make sure you return the charger by 9pm on the same day to redeem the deposit. Address and phone number here

TIMES SQUARE @ Causeway Bay
No recharging service for iPhone or Blackberries here; only removable batteries are accepted. Leave your battery at the concierge on 2/F or B2 with your name and phone number, and come back after 30 minutes. The service is free. Call 2118-8900 to check if there's a queue. Address here

ELEMENTS @ Kowloon Station, Tsim Sha Tsui
Free re-charging service is available for removable batteries as well as iPhones and Blackberries. The concierge is located at level one in Water Zone and Fire Zone. Address and phone number here

HARBOUR CITY @ Tsim Sha Tsui
Just leave your removable battery at the counter with your name and phone number, and redeem your battery after 30 minutes. The service is free. If you need to recharge an iPhone, it is still possible but you have to stay at the counter until the phone has finished charging. The re-charging service for iPhones is also free of charge. Call 2118-8601 to check if there is a queue. Address here

All 7-Eleven branches offer recharge services for removable batteries at $12. No recharging service is provided for iPhones or Blackberries. Locations of all 7-eleven branches can be found here

You may charge your removable batteries at all branches of CircleK at $12. iPhones cannot be charged here, but external batteries of iPhones may be accepted. Find the address of the nearest branch to you by calling their customer service team at 2991-6337 between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday, or simply search 'CircleK + (area)' on Google Map.

The charging of removable batteries costs $15, while the charging of iPhones costs $25. Call 2586-3567 to ask for the address of the branch closest to you or search 'Vango + (area)' on Google Map. They have around 70 branches all over Hong Kong.

By Carmen Bat