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Established in Shau Kei Wan since 1964, Pak Lee has been enjoying the fame as one of the most historical Hong Kong style cafes (“Bing Suts”, a restaurant or café commonly found in 1960s – 70s in Hong Kong, where drinks and snacks are available throughout the day.). Approaching the 50th Anniversary, Pak Lee launches its second branch, “Pak Lee Café Since 1964” situated in the heart of Sheung Wan.

Back in the 60s and 70s, it is not common for Hong Kongers to visit expensive Western restaurants for a meal, therefore “Bing Suts” created dishes inspired by those in western restaurants at much more affordable prices, including “Egg Pearls”, a retro snack dated back to the 50's which are deep fried dough of eggs coated with sugar; Shrimp Toast,"The Monk in the Sea", a raw egg broken in to boiling water, and of course, the legendary Hong Kong style Milk Tea; these creations have become classics for us today and Pak Lee has been serving these since 50 years ago.

The new branch has a dining area of over 4,000 square feet and it shows tribute to the pride of Hong Kong during the 60s - the local movie industry. Hong Kong was crowned as the  “Eastern Hollywood” and the new cafe salutes to the golden age. For instance, the lobby of the restaurant is decorated as an old cinema, with 2 vintage cinema chairs dated back over 30 years and a movie projector which is also an antique, the décor includes some original local movie posters from back in the day. Moreover, there are wall paintings in the dining area with the theme of the Lion Rock and the traditional public housing in Hong Kong, which are created by a local cartoonist.

Expect not only a selection of classical “Bing Sut” delicacies, but also new dishes made with its home recipes. Satisfying main courses including Baked Beef Flank and Rice with Tomato, Curry selections from home recipes, Fatty Beef Slices Udon in Tomato Soup and more, these are definitely a perfect choice for lunch or dinner for office workers around Central and Sheung Wan.

Upper Ground Floor, The Pemberton, 22 – 26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
3575 9896
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