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SpiceBox Organics is the first organic certified store to open in Hong Kong that offers holistic products such as foods, grains, lentils, snacks, teas, health supplements, dairy products, spices, gluten free alternatives, beautiful skin care and cleaning products - each of which have been carefully selected by the owner, Ms Punam who uses her passion and education in holistic health and nutrition to bring you a wide range of products.

Carefully following the ancient Indian philosophy of 'Ayurveda' which highlights the importance of integrated health, the store features pre-packaged and labelled goods direct from India - and if you love spices, spice blends, grains, legumes and lentils ($20-70); then you will certainly not walk out empty handed as the extensive range spans all these products.

If its inner health you're wanting to focus on, then Spice Box is also home to a range of herbal supplements from 'Organic India' that help with restorative repair, sleep and relaxation. Also from Organic India (who they represent in Hong Kong) comes a range of 'Tulsi Teas' which are well known as a drink that can boost your system against stress and help you relax and stay calm. ($55-180).

And if beauty is a focus for you this Summer, SpiceBox is proud to stock the first Ayurveda skincare range in Hong Kong. What is special about this range is that each beauty product contains no parabens, silicones or petro-chemicals - allowing for natural and soothing skin and hair health. As a comprehensive range, you'll be able to pick-up the anti-ageing oil ($120), under eye green tea cream ($80), turmeric-based face cream ($120) and a wide range of shampoos and conditioners ($175). And in line with the skincare range, all beauty products are 100 per cent natural and include a variety of lipstick shades and under-eye kohl.

Punam's focus at SpiceBox Organics is 'providing a platform for a healthy life' - this means adding to your existing healthy choices of exercise and healthy foods, SpiceBox Organics takes you to the next level of wholesome living. Unlike other health outlets, the range of products is so broad that it is more of an 'organic supermarket' where you can meet most of your weekly shopping needs - they have it all!

Other unique items in store are the natural local dairy products handmade in Hong Kong. Always fresh and chilled to perfection are natural and flavored yogurts, classic dips and paneer (Indian cottage cheese). Not to forget the gluten free range of quinoa pastas and grains, flours, sauces, pancake mixes, seeds, nuts, health supplements, protein powders, super-greens, and coconut water; a list that keeps on getting longer. A range of snacks are also available and are gluten-free.

In line with their extensive spice and grain selection, Spice Box holds weekly cooking classes that aim to educate the local community about health through food preparation classes and health philosophies such as 'ayurveda' detox diets and many hot topics - most classes are held on a Saturday (10am - 12:30pm) and cost around $350. Each class features a unique food concept; e.g. a Middle Eastern Brunch Meal, ayurvedic cooking, detox planning, lentils and bean preparations - and all participants receive a $50 in-store voucher. For more information on class schedules visit the 'Spice Box' Facebook page or contact the store direct on + 852 2568 2728.

72 Third Street, G/F Shop K, Fook Moon Building, Sai Ying Pun (Western District), Hong Kong
+ 852 2568 2728
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