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Every woman needs some pampering around this time of the year to kill the blues in the post holiday season, especially when it coincides with the dreadful forthcoming of a lonely Valentine's Day! (We Hiphongkong girls know how that feels..) No matter you're trying to make the countdown to February 14th less depressing, or you're simply hoping to cheer yourself up after a long day's work, Canary is the place for you. It is a cute Japanese nail salon which specializes in manicure, pedicure and gel nail services (soak-off and hard gel).

Why we love Canary. From the array of colorful nail paints on the vintage-looking white dressing table to the purple and pink color tones used throughout the entire space, Canary impresses us with contemporary Japanese chic and feminism. The light music in the background and the comfy couches lining the walls create a cozy vibe that would relax your body and optimize the nail pampering experience.

What Canary offers. Apart from traditional manicure and pedicure services ($130 and $330), Canary also offers French manicure and pedicure ($180 and $380) as well as Spa manicure and pedicure ($380 and $580), which work deep below the skin surface. Various get nail full sets (soak-off and hard gel) are available too. Soak-off gel manicure and pedicure cost $450 and $620 per session respectively (Trial price $249 and $369).

Though Canary primarily serves ladies, men who need not feel boxed out - there're always the options of man manicure ($180) and man pedicure ($380) services for you.

Our Favorite Treatment - Gel Nails. Those who have been using traditional nail polish all their life should have a go at Canary's gel nail treatment. The gel that Canary uses is very mild and the removal of it does not require sanding, so it's perfectly safe to use on thin or soft nails. In addition, it does not give off strong odor and can dry pretty quickly. The outcome is very natural and can last for more than three weeks.

Valentine's Day Picks.

As Valentine's day is fast upon us, why don't we get our nails painted in red or pink? The pink nail gel on the left puts a flattering, glittering finish on a casual look, while the classic red on the right is the all-time-favorite color of the chic, feminine woman.

Spring Colors Preview.

Let's fare goodbye to the cold winter days and celebrate spring with these cheerful, flowery colors. If you are brave enough, put on a combination of the colors and you'll look dead striking. The colors will be available in early March, so keep checking back!

Room 01, 11/F, Wellington Place (M88), 2-8 Wellington Street, Central
+852 2537 0338 (English or Cantonese) /+852 6595 5270 (English or Japanese)
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